Loch Mór Dál gCais Camp Out 2016

Not sure who came up with the idea of having a Camp Out on what was probably the wettest weekend of the summer – but it was great. There was plenty of “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes.” And a few, “Well you only get wet once”.  An old saying that all the kids seemed to disprove with ease.  It wasn’t only Cathy that ran out of socks.


Rain or not it was a fantastic weekend for all the Dál gCais families.   We made plenty of memories for all the kids, treasure hunts, getting lost in the maze, swimming in the lake, (illegal) campfires, s’mores and ducks.  There was also just plain getting lost – or not, when it turns out you told a parent where you were going.  There was also the Wi-Fi Tree, which the kids are still looking for.

A great weekend in Castlewellan, and the sun came out to dry us off, before we headed home. To be repeated….