Loch Mór Dál gCais GAA club investigate the visit of Brian Boru to the Crewe Hill area of Antrim

Brian Boru, the High King of Ireland, was a Dalcassian who were a powerful Gaelic Irish tribe – our clubs name is derived from this. All around this area, evidence still exists of the significance of this visit, place names, historic places of interest, folklore etc. This project allowed us to raise awareness of this fantastic story. Our project participants gained invaluable skills in research and development techniques as well as acquiring and developing their presentation skills from their own project findings – this was done through a series of study visits throughout the project. We also had a series of lively and interactive talks with keynote speakers from the academic world including professional historians.

wp_20160213_16_10_48_pro__highresAll in all we feel that this project was a way of harnessing the energy and enthusiasm of our young people, to throw themselves into something that they are very proud of – Brian Boru is often talked about with great gusto in and around the Provinces of Munster and Leinster but up here in Antrim we had our very own story to tell and this project hopefully increased people’s awareness of the Brian Boru story.